Charitable Arcade

The VGHI Charitable Arcade Project is our way simultaneously funding our mission, and other charitable causes selected by our donors.

With initial funding from a VGHI donor and VGHI funds, an arcade machine is acquired and then set up for public enjoyment at a space donated by local business owners. The coins put in the machine are considered charitable donations, and split between VGHI and another 501(c)3 organization of the donor's choosing. VGHI will continue to maintain and and operate the machine until the initial donation from the donor has resulted in 150% donation to the third-party charity or a total of 3 years operation, whichever is longer.

As an example, a donor elects to donate $500 dollars to the VGHI Charitable Arcade Project, and specifies that they want to raise money for The Road Home. VGHI adds $500 dollars and purchases $1000 worth of video-arcade machines. The machine(s) are then set up at a local business with signage detailing the Charitable Arcade Project and the mission of The Road Home. If after three years the machine(s) have not yet earned $750 dollars for both VGHI and the other charity, the machine will continue to be maintained and operate. If after 3 years the machine has earned a total of $1500 or more ($750 for each organization) the machine is then added to the VGHI collection and used for VGHI's own purposes.

Current Charitable Arcade Games

Visit Watchtower Cafe to play Primal Rage and support Huntsman Cancer Foundation

Visit Salt Lake Barber Company to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and support Nurture Project International

Visit Watchtower Cafe to play Primal Rage and support The Road Home

Also at Watchtower Cafe: